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8 Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without


Busy Life

Life has been busy, to say the least. Job changes, kids moving out of the house, and just living life.

We go every week to church to volunteer my time, and I am involved with small groups. Our pastor believes life begins in small groups! How else are you suppose to get to know people in the hour and a half you spend in church a week, an hour or so being spent in worship? Our small groups meet at home and out in the community.

In 2015, became a small groups leader, twice. I lead the same class two times a week. The groups are 8 Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without by Joe McGee. The book is a great book. The videos are a bit dated and don’t follow the book. They are currently working on a workbook to go with the videos and we have seen it and so far it is a good companion.

Self Worth

The first thing no kid should leave home without is Self-Worth. The basic principle is that if we don’t know our worth, we will go through life being things we are not. Self-Worth is defined as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person”.

One of the biggest things is we have to love our neighbor, but we cannot give what we haven’t received. If we don’t know we are loved that means our neighbor is in trouble.

Low Self-Worth creates chameleons, makes wishy-washy people, invites self-rejections, cripples emotions, squander potential, and creates moral pushovers.

When you know that God loves you, you will gain true self-worth.

To build our self-worth and our children’s self-worth we need to fill them and us with affirmation and acceptance, belonging, and build competence from within.

I have made it a point to fill my children up with praise each morning before they leave for school. The world is harsh and will knock them down and fill them with unrighteous ways fast enough.

What are doing to build up your child and yourself self-worth?