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Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary devotional

I have read something in my Mary bible study and want to share it with you.
Scattered throughout the accounts of the life of Jesus known as the gospels are occasional, a brief glimpse of Mary, Jesus’s mother. So brief are these passages that we may wonder at the attention and reverence shown to Mary throughout Christian history.

How could so few words about her engender so much veneration?
As his mother, she had a unique contribution, a unique vantage point, in his earthly life and ministry. She is the woman who raised him in the way of the people of God, the woman who took him to Temple for a blessing, the woman who scolded him for lingering at the Temple when he should have been with the family.
Jesus would have watched Mary practice the Jewish rituals that recalled God’s saving action in Egypt, his provision for the harvest, abiding the presence of creation. Jesus learned God in his childhood, he learned a great deal about him from Mary, his mother.
Mary was a woman at a time when women were undervalued. Not by God, though. Throughout the Scriptures, God gave women a place of value. Mary the mother of Jesus played a decisive role in God’s story.
We best traverse the landscape of faith, humbly rather than capable. That humility is exemplified by Mary in her prayer accepting the job of mother of God; it is perhaps also exemplified by her willingness to fade into the background of Jesus’ story, to participate in God’s salvation without losing sight of the fact that his salvation is God’s work for her, and for all of us.

There are times when most of us feel left out. We don’t belong, we are excluded from the “Insiders” club. But with God, there are no outsiders. Jesus includes those treated as outsiders: women, common people, laborers, radically different people, the poor, and the sick.

  • Think about a time when you were left out. How did it make you feel? Anger? Sad? Anxious? Bitter? Why?

Jesus’s story starts in a hard place (1st century Palestine), forgotten village (Nazareth) in a powerless country under the rule of a superpower (Roman Empire). Jesus was born to modest circumstances from the halls of power.

  • Why did God choose to start the story here?

Here is some reading for you Luke 1:26-33.

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