About Me

Thank You

Welcome to Faith, Flour, & Sawdust. I want to start out by telling you how much we appreciate your willingness to discover more about my blog. Your heart to be open and learn and create makes my job easier as a blogger. That means more to me than you will ever know. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank You.

My Audience

My blog is intended for people who are looking to find their faith, joy, happiness, and hope in this crazy mixed up world. I also throw in some of my baking and DIY projects, because besides my family these are my passions in life. I also want to reach out to anyone suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, what a miserable disease to live with but with joy it is doable.

Promise to Keep It Real

I am an honest, down to earth, funny, spunky, encouraging person and I hope you the reader are the same. My posts will always be honest, even if it hurts. I don’t put my pictures through all these processes to get the best pictures. I take photos, mostly with my phone and try to get a good shot and go with that.

You should read the blog for a daily dose of humor, faith, and realness. You should read this blog because I write content that makes you what to come back and see what happens next. Really, the stuff that happens in my life you can’t make up. If I can make someone smile or pee their pants every day, my day is totally not wasted!

This is who I am

I write what happens in my life, and like my life, there is no rhyme or reason. Some days it is so funny you cry and some days it so rough it touches you and you still cry. I will write about my faith, living with a chronic autoimmune disease, baking, DIY projects, books I read, and my friends,

This is my life the only credibility it has is that it is my life. I do have a culinary degree that I use for the Dark Side……. we have cookies and cake. In my church life, I lead two small groups at my church and research my bible and dig deeper. I research my chronic autoimmune disease and so I feel I know what I write about in that aspect.

My faith in God is strong and growing stronger every day. I have two small groups I lead at my church, Element Church. I want to share my faith and my story with people. It is not a clean and pretty story, it is messy but so is life.
I have a culinary degree, which I use to bring people to the Dark Side. We have cookies, cakes, and pies. I love to bake, I love to make bread, and I love to share my love.

I love DIY projects and I love to make wood projects. This is a newer skill I have developed and still developing. I will share my achievements and my FAILS! That I promise.

My Crew

I am a wife of 20 years to Frank. We have 3 wonderful children, two are out of the house. Westley is 25 (he is a published writer), Kalleigh is 19 (runs for Webster University University), and Bradley is 14 (he is a teenage boy, need I say more?). This is my crew and I would do anything for them, within the law.

We own a small petting zoo

We have 4 dogs; Winston Churchill and Westminster Abbey (Beabulls), Rico Sauve (Chihuahua), and Calise Daenerys Stormborn of the House Linthicum, First of Her Name, the Unbathed, Queen of the Backyard and the First Moles, Khaleesi of the Great Chicken Chasers, Breaker of Fence Boards, and Mother of Fleas (Anatolian Shepard/GreatDane mix). Calise is my panic attack dog.

We raise 11 chickens and they all have names and personalities of their own. These are Bradley’s fluffy butt girls.
We have a cockatiel named Princess Lia, Bradley’s.

I own 4 beautiful baby Betta fish; Drogo, Jon Snow, Lannister, Ned Stark. I hope you get that I like Game of Thrones. I am currently on a binge and buying more.

Daily Battles

I am the proud owner of two autoimmune diseases, yes! God blessed me and I will make the best of it, Joyfully. I have Ulcerative Colitis which affects the left side of my colon…… all the way through. It is miserable and feels like you have the flu all the time. I am a Spoonie, don’t worry I’ll explain that.
Second, I have Raynard’s Syndrome which affects my circulation.
I am also the proud owner of a social anxiety disorder, wonderful. That is where Calise comes into play.

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