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I don’t know anything about Bitcoin, really I don’t. Back in 2011 or maybe it was 2012, I had the chance to buy into Bitcoin for $50. I passed on it and instead I own $1.5 trillion in Zimbabwe currency. Yes, I know it is worthless until the government changes or something like that. It is a great talking point. To me, Bitcoin is like Minecraft. It is make believe and it is not real and we have to mine it. Minecraft!!! I mean in Minecraft we mine gold and we can change it into different things…… Bitcoin. Apparently, this is not how it works. I never told my husband about Bitcoin and our chance to buy in at the time. So, when he brought Bitcoin up this past Thanksgiving it triggers a memory of the word. Oh, yeah about Bitcoin honey……… we could have bought in at the beginning…….. This was his face for the next 30 minutes. (This is him learning our daughter’s dorm is coed by the floor.) He was in utter disbelief. “Woman” came out of his mouth several times over that weekend.

We bought in

At some point in December, we bought in, not a full Bitcoin because that is like $14,000. I don’t even have $140 to my name. But we bought a piece of this imaginary currency. Then we needed to buy Ripple, not sure what that is but it is a good thing. Please don’t ask me Cryptocurrency questions or why we have it. It is something that a trip to my primary care physician resulted in my doctor and my husband having a 10-minute talk on the subject. This is what I think Bitcoin looks like. It tastes like milk chocolate. Don’t forget to follow me and subscribe to my email for updates.