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Giveaway Time

Remember Ann? With Love, Ann Remember her human makes these great homemade treats? Our treats are made with real food ingredients…nothing that you can’t pronounce. Unless your dog has an allergy and needs custom made treats (that’s a thing we do!) our treats are made with fresh ground oat flour, peanut butter with no artificial… Read More Giveaway Time

Faith, Flour, & Sawdust, Flour

With love, Ann

Have you met Ann? Personally, I have not met Ann. I would love to meet Ann one day. It is actually Ann’s human mom you want to know. Ann’s Story Humans like knowing where other humans came from and what their story is, so I wanted to tell you about Ann. Before Ann came to… Read More With love, Ann

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Pancake Sunday

Weekends are for family We love our family time and Saturday and Sunday mornings are our family breakfast time. More Sundays now since my daughter is away at college and if she comes home it is Sunday morning she is here. We love to eat hot fluffy pancakes with real butter between the cakes and… Read More Pancake Sunday

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Who’s Your Baker

I am going back to baking for friends and family at home for a while. I am staying away from Wedding cakes since I have been burned twice by them. I will do almost any other form of desserts and have a price list and I am working on a website/blog. All my baked goods… Read More Who’s Your Baker

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Crock-pot Oatmeal

I like oatmeal! I love this recipe! If you have a picky eater that won’t try it, they might this one. I cook every summer for a youth residential summer camp. I cook this every year and every year I have kids how have never tried oatmeal eat this and come back for more. I… Read More Crock-pot Oatmeal

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Carrot Cake

Want to know how to make this? The cake is quite easy to make and is very good. Note that this recipe is in ounces and it doesn’t convert into cups as you would think. 8oz of sugar doesn’t equal 1 cup. Measuring and baking by weighing will make your products of better quality. You… Read More Carrot Cake

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Chocolate Crinkles

That is what chocolate heaven looks like. My grandmother used to make these cookies at the holidays, winter ones. I would eat them till I was literally sick to my stomach. The best way to describe them if you have never had them is brownie meets cookie in a powered sugar explosion! They are best… Read More Chocolate Crinkles

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Apple Pie, yes please!

Here are the pie crust recipes, you need two a mealy and a flaky. Mealy will do better with the juices on the bottom and the flaky is nice for the top. Flaky Pie Dough 10 oz pastry flour 7 oz butter 3 oz cold water 1 tsp salt 1/2 oz sugar Mealy Pie Dough… Read More Apple Pie, yes please!

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A Chili Lifestyle

Chili Life (not) for Me While I love chilly weather, chili is not my friend. But I cook it for my production team at Element Church. This weekend’s chili was a hit. They loved it and I figured I should share the recipe. This recipe produces a chili with a bit of a kick. This one… Read More A Chili Lifestyle