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Have you met Calise?

3.5 dogs

Over the last 20 years, we have owned several dogs. Our first dog as a married couple was a beautiful Rottweiler named Cleopatra. We added Bailey, a chocolate lab mix. Next was Joe our Boston Terrier.

Then along came the Beabulls (beagle/bulldog mix) Winston Churchill and Westminster Abbey.

The 0.5 dog was next, Rico Suave is a Chihuahua and will live forever.

Then came Calise, who is an Anatolian Shepard and Great Dane mix.

She is a rescue

Calise Daenerys Stormborn of the House Linthicum, First of Her Name, the Unbathed, Queen of the Backyard and the First Moles, Khaleesi of the of Great Chicken Chasers, Breaker of Fence Boards, and Mother of Fleas.

We rescued Calise from a no-kill shelter on February 14th, 2016. Yes, she was my Valentine’s Day present. She was a planned adoption as we knew the other three were not going to live forever. We are firm believers that the older dog help train the younger dogs. It works for us and it helps with potty training.

She was tiny when we adopted her. Her paws were not huge and that was misleading. They told us she was an Anatolian Shepard and lab mix. That was a lie, it is Great Dane, not lab she is mixed with. We had no idea that she would grow to be such a huge dog, but I like big dogs.

Little did we know

I suffer from panic attacks and from early on Calise would sense the onset of a panic attack and would immediately not leave my side and go as far as the lay on me. If she was kenneled she would freak out in the kennel until she was allowed out and could be next to me. We had no idea that she would become my therapy and emotional support dog.

Me and my shadow

I stay at home for the most part and she has become my shadow. Where I go she goes, she is not far from me unless kenneled. We had to build her a kennel out of an old baby crib.

She cheers me up, allows me to lay on her, or hug her when I am having a bad day. She just knows when I need her and this has been a huge blessing in my life. I know God put this dog in my life for a reason. God knew I would need this dog, he knew my needs before I did. What a blessing to have a heavenly father that knows my needs before I do.

She is high maintenance and energy

On December 10, 2017, this pup turned 2 years old. She is a handful I’m not going to lie. Some days she is mellow, but some days she is just a ball of energy. I would never trade her for the world though.

She has dug up our backyard in pursuit of the family of moles living in our yard. She has killed 3 and brought them to me as a gift. (I gave them to the chickens to dispose of, chickens eat anything)

She also loves chasing the rabbits that are brave enough to come into the yard. She has a squirrel that she plays with too in the backyard, it is a very weird relationship. The squirrel taunts her and plays games with her.

She smiles

The weirdest thing she does is smile. It looks like she is snarling at you but she is smiling. It one of her best qualities. I honestly think she is the world’s happiest dog.

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