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Household Binder

No one likes to think what would happen if they died, would the people you leave behind know how to run your household? Almost 6 years ago we were thrown into this when my mother-in-law died of cancer. It was sudden and things went fast, but we were left wondering what bills needed to be taken care and if there was a life insurance policy. This is when I began to wonder what would my family do if I got sick? Then the one day I woke up and I never got better. I have been in the ER and hospital many times in the last 2 years and this book saves our family every time.

I needed an organizational system. I needed a system that organizes all of our (back then a family of 5) schedules, that I could take with me, doesn’t need all my sticky notes, and can’t be wiped off at the end of the month. I needed it to be easy for me to use and didn’t need a lot of thought. I tried the digital way and numerous apps. But I needed something the family could access as well as myself. We keep our daily chores in Wunderlist, I love this app.

I have Home Management Binders and I love them. But I am not lugging them all over! I made these back in 2013 after my mother-in-law died and I went through her paperwork for two days! Two days is a lot of time to go through paperwork organizing paperwork.

I had looked for months for a home management system that fit me. No luck! I mean what could possibly fit a person as complex as myself. I could make the sheets but I knew there were blanks out there waiting for me to find. Then I started piecing one together…….. what a pain! I mean each had a different theme and I like everything to flow. Besides things started to mix and nothing was clear-cut.

I found most of my print of at Life Your Way  It is an awesome site and is worth you checking out. Some of the stuff is dated, but the blank pages are worth it, trust me! No, really go! I will wait right here, take as long as you need, I’ll wait……………

Oh, your back? Are you as impressed as me?

I this FABULOUS binder! Some things are laminated so that I don’t have to make a million copies and burn through ink. If it is something I need a record of I will scan it, and then add it to my Dropbox.  First, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some file folders for a $1 for three and found some old 3-ring binders downstairs that were in great condition. Next, I printed off all the copies I would need for the four binders. Then I laminated the ones that I needed to. If you don’t have a laminator I recommend you buy one, it is worth the investment of $20-30. Last, I three-hole punched everything and put them in the correct binders.

This is my household vital information. This binder has a section for all five members of my house. Each person has a personal information sheet, basic medical information, and a medication information sheet. For the four of us over 16 years of age, we each have a wallets contents sheet. The one younger kid also has a school information, medicine checklist (laminated two-sided), and a usual day in our home sheet. After all those tabs I have a cars tab and a car maintenance sheet for each of our cars. Next is our home inventory, home maintenance, DVD inventory, book inventory, and pet info tabs and sheet. I have all our utility information in one place. I also keep our current bills in the back.

I have everyone’s medications listed, where to find Vital documents in the house, and online passwords. This is truly been a lifesaver.