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I choose to live

Pains and Exhaustion

I am living with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic illness that plagues my life with stomach pains, exhaustion, strict diets, and urgent trips to the bathroom. Each day is a new struggle, and every activity is a constant reminder of the pain I endure.

When life is this tough, it’s easy to let UC and its symptoms be a roadblock and a reason not to do the things I love. When even the smallest thing leaves me feeling exhausted and worn out, it’s no surprise that the days slip by, each day blending into the next. It’s hard to get up and force myself to go out when I am not feeling well.

I can’t let UC become an excuse in my life. I refuse to let life slip through my fingers simply because I don’t feel well. I just have to face the facts: life is harder for me. I have to try that much harder to fake a smile and act “normal” just to get by. But, just because I am sick, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still live life to the fullest. I still deserve happiness, so give myself permission to live, despite my illness.

I am learning to know my limits. On the days I need a break, I take it. I allowing myself that. I am finding what makes you happy and doing that. My good days are just that good day.

Living with UC, every action has a consequence. I have strict rules for everyday life that I must follow just to get by. Every splurge comes at a price, but sometime I have to just go for it and take that risk. It’s all about finding a balance. in my life. By counting my blessings, it helps the bad days seem a little brighter. Expressing gratitude for the little (and big) things brings me one step closer to happiness. It speaks volumes that I can find happiness among all the suffering.