Faith, Flour, & Sawdust

It’s a Wunderful List

Planner, Dry Erase, or Digital

Are you organized? How organized? Do you leave a paper trail? A digital footprint? Or do you prefer to wipe the board clean every month and pretend it never happened? Oh no, are you one of those people who say you can remember it and store it in the vault in your head and then forget?

I am a highly organized and creative person. I have a bit of all three. It doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me. You have to do what is good for you. What works for me may make your head spin. It is ok, I am just showing you options that work for me.

Monthly Dry Erase Calendar

I have the monthly dry erase calendar at my family command center. This is so everyone stays on the same page. It is color-coded for people, birthdays, and household items. I do keep a back up on paper in case a child “accidentally” erases it.

Now, this big issue with this is remembering to change the calendar each month. It goes on my Wunderlist and in my planner to change calendar on the last day of the month. Then you actually have to do it, but I have a thing about crossing things off a list.


Now I went through several monthly planners before I found the one that works for me. It is a learning adventure, to say the least. I tried a create 365 by The Happy Planner. Now while I wasn’t the fan of the rings, making it expandable, I do like some of their page options. I have one of these for my paper To-Do List, Meal Planning, Budget, and keeping recipes.

The one that I do like and use daily is a spiral Reflections. This is my everything, my life is in this thing. Computers and smartphones crash, this thing is always there on my office desk or in my bag. I have the one with vertical days because this layout works for me. The pages stay in better in this planner than others I have tried.

Now, I add washi tape to my monthly view and weekly view, just to jazz it up. I also color code my planner with a different color for certain things. Holidays get stickers and people’s birthdays get a cute washi tape on the day. I have three sections; one for me, one for kids, and one the for the blog.


For years I have heard people and blogs rave about Wunderlist. My best friend was using it at the beginning this year and I got it and used it when I got her house ready to sell. Last week I got to playing with the app……….. like really playing with the app. I have 10 folders and like 50 To-Do lists, I even have my family on Wunderlist. This is always with me for the most part.

My son and husband have lists that I can add to and they can add things to certain lists of mine. I can see what chores my son has done, question him why he hasn’t done certain ones, and remind him to do others. He pays more attention to this then paper or me.

Now, I have a paper list and I make it out every morning, again I like to physically like to cross things off lists. Some days my list is huge and some days it is small. Today it is big and a majority of them will transfer to the next day. I am ok with that, it is a list of thing I need to get done and I know the priority.

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