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I’ve got pine cones

Where do you get the pine cones?

I have done a lot of pine cone crafts lately, I mean a lot. So much so it sparked this conversation:

Mary: “where do you get all the pine cones?”

Me: “on the ground, under pine tree”

Mary: “should have known”

Me: “I have my suppliers”

Debbie: “you sound like you are dealing drugs and I am your supplier”

Me: “this has gone so wrong”

Debbie: “this is a totally normal conversation for you”

Have to bake out the bugs

If you are going to use pine cones you pick out in the wild, you need to bake them. Why? They have bugs in them and nobody wants bugs in their house. As you can see I just line my oven rack with foil, lay the pine cones down, and bake on 200 for 3 to 4 hours.

Now, they will open up as they dry out. I leave them in there for a few hours to cool. Then I actually forget about them and shove them in a box till I am ready for them.

Making them smell good

I like to scent my pine cones, but not like the store-bought ones that are so overpowering you have to drive home with them attached to the roof.

I use Young Living essential oils, Christmas Spirit.

I add 3 tbsp of water to a spray bottle and mix.

I then spray the pine cones in a baggie.

Close the bag and shake really well, open the baggie and spray again. Close bag and shake again. Repeat this 4 times. Then let sit for 3-4 weeks and enjoy! You can re-spray when needed.

I made this mini wreaths

With a little imagination and a lot of hot glue, you can make almost anything. I found out that these pine cones had a natural bend and made a great heart shape if worked just right. It was like working a jigsaw puzzle and I had more than enough pine cones. 3 hours later and no fingerprints.

I had 8 mini pine cone wreaths. I went to the Dollar Store and found the bows in a 3 pack. I used a little twine and some small hooks on the inside of the kitchen cabinets and BOOM I have a cute Christmas kitchen.

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