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Keep your dog safe tonight

New Year’s Eve is here, like today. That means champagne, parties, and depending on where you live….loud fireworks that can scare and freak your dog out. Your dog may experience added anxiety if you’ve left for a party and they’re home alone.

Here are some tips to make it easier for both of you.

Make sure your dog has a spot that is comforting.

Most dogs feel calmest in areas that are small and cozy. If your dog is crate trained, this will most likely be their spot when the fireworks go off at midnight. You can also try putting them in a smaller room or blocking off part of the house.

Give them a New Year’s treat!

Your dog deserves to celebrate too! A special treat or extra cuddles at some point during the evening will help them feel extra loved. Sometimes the can feel forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of celebrations.

Play their favorite tunes.

Many dog owners put music onto soothe their dogs. New Year’s Eve can be a good time to use this trick. Music will also help to drown out the sound of Fireworks. White noise works great too! Alexa play white noise sounds.

Give them something distracting to do.

Whether you’re leaving your home or staying, make sure your dog has something to keep them occupied. Your old t-shirt can be comforting. The shirt will have your scent on it which is comforting to them. An engaging toy can also do the trick, a chew toy with peanut butter can keep them busy.

If you’re leaving for a party, don’t make a dramatic exit.

Doing a big goodbye can actually cause more stress to the dog. It calls attention to your departure and makes them highly aware you are leaving. I know it is hard but just try leaving, like it is no big deal.

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