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Let It Go

There are people in your life that you just don’t mesh with. You can try to avoid them and have limited contact with them, but they are still a presence in your life. I spent 20 years mad at one person and I was not a happy person. 5 years ago, I decided to forgive that person and with that came release. I promised myself that negative people in my life should not hold that much power over me.
The other morning I found myself thinking of a person, that for one reason or another , I don’t really care for. I tried to push that person from my thoughts but they are still there. The thoughts are loud and to the point that it is making me not want to do something I love to do, at a place I love to go. I am choosing to let go of the bitterness I hold today for this person, to accept that this person may hold no ill feelings towards me or I to them, and that maybe they never meant to hurt me.

Dear Lord, please help me to forgive this person for hurting my feelings. Help me to love the way that You do. Help me to relinquish the anger that I’m experiencing so that I can walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Help me to heal from this incident and to release any bitterness that I may be harboring. Please give me guidance in this situation, so that I can approach it in the way that is most pleasing to You. Help me God to do Your will. Amen.

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