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Live in harmony

I am currently doing an online Bible app devotional with my Neverland small group. It is called A Friend In Me, how to be a safe haven for other women. I am not sure why I choose this devotional but I choose it for a reason that is not yet clear to me.

John 13:1-7

This was the first day of the devotional. If you are not familiar with this story it is when Jesus knows his days are numbered and he goes about washing his disciples’ feet. If you have never done this to another person you don’t know the power it has. This is a very humbling experience and it will shake you and bring you to your knees. It will make you weep and forever change your perspective on things.

When people feel safe, they often reveal their truest natures. As Christ revealed his own humility by lowering himself to wash the disciples’ feet, Peter revealed his spiritual independence. Washing another person’s feet is a simple but very humbling act. This act reveals your true nature because you are open and humble on your knees right in front of someone.

There is a lesson here for those of us who want to build bridges to younger women: when we are humble, others are free to be open around us.

*Are you humble and open in your nature, allowing others to be honest and transparent around you? What are some ways you could grow in this area?

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