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Memory vault

Memory Vault

We are still in this process of KonMari, this is about the attic. Attics are where memory go to hibernate and possibly die. Honestly, do you go up there and sit up there daily and relive the memories that are in those boxes? No, of course, you don’t. Mostly because the attic is either unbearably cold or melting hot, and this is where we store our things we say are most precious to us. Reality check are they really?

We started by getting rid of the empty boxes up there.   Our boxes were having babies up there. We had enough cardboard to light up and reduse our house to a smoldering pile a rubble.

This whole thing took me two days of working on it straight. I came back down with Christmas tote, Christmas plates, that tote of paper, and 5 boxes of fabric!!! This was getting out of hand.

My Mickey Mouse ears from 1982. My original Figment from 1982, found and going to my room. My childhood on one couch, but now what do I do with them?

They are warped but I am not getting rid of them, those records are being repurposed. Figment 1982, 1987, 2015 ….. had I know I had two in the attic my husband would have never bought me the one this year. A long time in a galaxy far far away, I was a gymnast.

We were making process and we had made 3 car full loads to Goodwill. This was getting serious!

Day two came with major jumps and leaps in the name of progress. I think the last time the attic was this empty was before we moved in.

I found baseball cards from the 1985 Royals. I found the entire collection of Little House on the Prairie books set, that ended going to a friend whose daughter loves the books. She shows them more love than I ever did or will. I also found my Letterman’s jacket from high school and it still fits!

In the end, this process was totally worth it. We each have 2 or 3 Rubbermaids of things we wanted to keep, left side. On the right side is out holiday and we cut back on that too. Half of our Christmas decorations went to new homes where they are enjoying new joy.

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