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More pine cones in my life


Hey they are free

When you pick them up off the ground they are free. You can do so many different things with them after you bake the bugs out of them. This is key to making sure you kill the bugs and you don’t bring them into your house.

Frame it

I had this neat idea I had to use an old frame and make a wreath with it. I saw it on Pinterest and they used ornaments. But I have a ton of pine cones.

I went to a second-hand store called Savers and my friend Donna found this frame for me for $3. It was perfect and no picture to pop out.

Now I have a massive amount of ribbon and I will never use it but it came in very handy for my frame. I picked out a color that went with my Christmas decor. I hot glued the ribbon to the pine cones. I also lost my fingerprints in the process.

I reinforced the pine cone by tying twine around the top of the pine cone and hot gluing that to the pine cone. I don’t make bows, just can’t do it. But I can tie my shoes and that is the type of bow I went for.

I added some actions to the center of the twine. Bake these too to kill off bugs. These are also hot glued on.

I cut the ribbon and staggered the lengths. I used an electric staple gun and stapled them to the back of the frame. I also reinforced this with hot glue.

I added a massive bell to the center pine cones. Here is how it turned and it is on my porch post (yeah I made that too).

I have gotten some many compliments on this. I made my mother, my aunt, and my mother’s friend one. I am working on one for a friend that will have purple glitter dipped pine cones on it. I am even selling them on DIY Squirrel on Facebook.

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