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Old Tires, New Life


Large Planters

I am going to share my cheap planters. I made these planters for free! I will say that it requires a bit of muscle and time, but I love mine! Now how to get there. We had some tires with the rims off an old car and I wanted to reuse them. I drew scallops on the tires with chalk and we cut them out with a knife and a jigsaw.



*If you can push this in easily, the tire will be easy to invert. If you cannot push this in easily, move on to another tire. You may need to check several tires before finding one that is suitable. It does NOT matter if the tire is steel belted or not. The steel wires are only in the tread, which is not cut in this process.


Cut from almost to the tread (where the steel belts start) and almost to the center hole.


*NOTE: Cut AWAY from yourself in case the knife slips.


Use your muscles

Turning the tire: this is kinda tricky – turn the tire inside out. Stand the tire up, cut side away, and push in the “soft spot” with your knee, while pulling back with your hands. If it doesn’t invert easily, try again, putting your knee in a different spot.

Once the tire has started going inside out, take your time to pull and push the rest of the tire, all the way around. Do it a little at a time, and it will go faster. Don’t sweat it at first, just keep trying – it will work!

I am not going to lie, turning this thing inside out was hard. It was a harder tire and took us over an hour to turn.

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this process because it was really funny and I was too busy standing on the rim and being jostled around and laughing to be able to take pictures anyway.


We did it! We were sore for days because the first one was a learning process!

Once they are inside out, I started painting…


I used spray paint on the rims and tire I had lying around …


I made mine two toned….


When they were dry, I moved them out front and filled them with dirt…

*I put pieces of old window screen in the bottom to keep the soil from falling out.

IMG_0291 IMG_0290

People always ask where I got these and are very surprised when they find out they are tires!

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