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I am staying with the Bible app devotional A Friend In Me. The second day we are talking about oneness. Is the core of your heart a safe place? Can you give others the space to grow, fail, and mature?

I hope that the safest place is the core of my heart, it is the place that I become the person you see. It is the start and the end of who I am as a person. I hope that in my heart I am giving others space to grow in my heart.

David Kinnaman, author of You Lost Me, said, “To follow Jesus, young adults in the next generation—just like the generations before them—will have to learn humility. From whom will they learn it? When they look at us, do they see humble servants and eager students of the Master?”

Our ability to serve those around us depends largely on why we’re doing the serving. Why am I serving? Why am I serving in Production? I can tell you I felt a calling to this area. I know nothing about Production. Me touching button could spell total disaster. Why on earth would I choose to serve in Production? Because they had a need, a need that I was trained in school to fill. A need that being a caregiver I was compassionate to fill. They needed meals to be made and someone to love on the worship and production team like a mother would.

I knew from a very early age that my purpose on this earth was to be a mother. When asked as a child what do you want to be when you grow up my answer was a mom. The response was the same, what career do you want to be in. I would go to my old standby and answer a teacher. Mothers are teachers, in fact, they are our first teachers.

The humbler we are—the more aware we are of God’s working power in our lives—the more we can get up from the table, so to speak, set aside what others may think, and give to those closest to us. We can confidently lay aside anything that would get in the way of loving.

When we are humble, we are rarely threatened or embarrassed or insecure. (If we become aware that we are struggling with feeling threatened or insecure, we acknowledge it but don’t let it hold us back.) We are free to focus on the other person and to be present to her. Mothers have to be humble people, look at our workload.

When we are humble, it paves the way for “oneness.” In John 17:11, Jesus prayed to his Father, asking him to keep his followers in his name, “that they may be one even as we are one.” With age, we can forget how to be “one” with a younger woman—meaning we forget how to be her friend. Why is that? Are we caught up in our own this is how you do it and nothing else is right? Are we looking down at the younger generation and thinking this is not right, and then watching them fail instead of offering a friendship to help them through this?

When we are one with a younger woman, we give her a model for what her relationship with Christ could look like: authentic, safe, practical, intimate, and conversational. When we humbly admit that we want to learn how to support her by being ourselves, we help her experience her identity in Christ. We help her understand that it means to be loved and to be worthy. We help her recognize that her relationship with Christ can be accessible and transparent.

*What are some ways you can identify with the younger women in your life? Are you able to do it openly and with humility?

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