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Origami clothes folding

Spark Joy

Yesterday I told you how I did this crazy Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. Trust me there is magic in this life-changing business of tidying up.  The first thing is not to tell the world that you are doing it like I did. I had so many people questioning me and my motives. I did not let them deter me from my goal. I wanted the Spark of Joy in my life. I wanted to stop moving one pile of clutter from one area to another area and then back to the original area. I was tired of having a junk drawer, yeah I don’t have a junk drawer in my house at all……… shock and horror ……… I know. I finished the book, ready to start my KonMari festival. Cut those tags off and put on the outfit.


You have to start somewhere and we are least attached to our clothing unless you are Carrie on Sex in the City. I gathered all my clothes from all over the house and proceeded through the list to find my joy in my socks. But first I should put on a joyful outfit to start this all off.

My kids even went through this process. I am a firm believer we do it as a family or not at all. So, the rest of the family was dragged kicking and screaming and pouting into this KonMari adventure.

My purse changing station didn’t think I would want one or use it but after giving it a go……… I am loving it.

My daughter started to make her space her own. Yes, we know that there is a creepy looking guy in her closet, it is ok it is just Justin Bieber. He later left the closet and found the fire pit. My daughter still does this KonMari process at college and has found it most beneficial living in a small tight space and just having the things that she needs or bring her joy. Sadly that is her soccer jersey from when she was 6.

My youngest was NOT excited to be starting this process. This is where the pouting, kicking and screaming came into play. Bradley does not like change and this was a whole lot of change in his world that was not going over so well. After a 10-minute hissy fit we moved on, I told him we were moving on and he could deal with it. He did and two years later the kid is a huge minimalist.

My mother was right, it is tooooo overwhelming for him – you should have broken it down into small sections. You live and learn and he got into it.

He folded his own shirt, he says it is like origami and he likes it. To his future wife……. you’re welcome. My mother asked, ” does the drawer hold the same number of shirts folded this way?” Answer: It actually holds two to three times as much. 

Two days later we had this in clothing to go to donations. Our clothing donation going out the door. This was 5 people’s clothing that no longer brought joy. This was a total eye opener! Reactions included “Holy Cow”, “Wow”, and “7 bags of non-sparking joy”. As we dropped the bags off at Goodwill, Frank wanted to go in and see what they had and we walked around the store and walked out and we both agreed that we didn’t see anything we HAD to have. This was a turning point in our KonMari journey! This was working, we were making a change in our life. 

Gave away 7 bags of clothes and was presented the chance to receive this beautiful tree for free. That’s some quick karma working there! I am a firm believer that God blesses you when you need it and when you do good, good comes back around to you. I found it on a buy, sell, trade Facebook post. We still have this tree and it is a beautiful tree. It was prelit but after over 2 hours of trying to fix the lights, I spent the next 2 hours taking the lights off.


KonMari my books tonight. Feels good to get through this part. I love books, I love real books the kind that are like women and have curves and you can hold and touch. I am not a fan of digital books, I have a few but I NEVER read them. So, when I got to this part of my KonMari journey it was a bit hard. Also, understand I have a culinary background and have more cookbooks than anyone needs and I have marked up those cookbooks and tweaked those recipes. This was going to be hard and it would need to do this in one day to get through it.

I still buy books but I either buy books that I really want or I buy them at a thrift store and pass it on when I am done. This helps keep my stash down to a minimum. I also borrow books from friends that I want to read and return them when I am done. You can check out my Goodreads to see my collection.


So I think I skipped paperwork, bad Shannon I know but I wanted to get to my kitchen and paperwork was so much. Love having a minimalist kitchen, I haven’t even gotten to the KonMari process here yet. But it was my kitchen that made me the happiest and still does.

These were my granny B’s dishes. After Thanksgiving dinner, I asked hubby if he minded us using these as our everyday dishes. He didn’t. These spark joy for me. We used these as our everyday dished up until this summer when I bought a set of plain white Ikea dishes. These still spark joy for me but I put them up for a bit since there is a bit of lead in the silver part and you can’t put them in the microwave.

Hi, my name is Squirrel and I have a kitchen gadget problem. I thought my book problem was an issue, no it is my kitchen gadgets. Do I really use and need all of these? NO! I was a gadget hoarder! The truth hurt and it was glaring at me on my counter in my face.

Then I found all my knives. I may have a knife problem and I may be a little OCD about it. I still have most of my knives. Aa chef can never have too many knives. 

I did thin out my upstairs collection and went with this wood and cork holder in one of my drawers.

Next on my list was mugs. I knew I had a lot but seriously this is insane. I did find a family who had a fire over the weekend so my non-joy sparklers will find a new life. Btw….. I used to work for Starbuck if you couldn’t tell.  The dog photobombs almost all my pictures, crazy chihuahua.

I tackled spices, upstairs and down. These were expired. …… the whole trash can worth. This made me realize that I was not being a good steward of my money or my resources. This was a wake-up call.

I KonMari the fridge and both freezers. Now I have no need for the chest freezer and will sell it. The chest freezer was where things went to die, I never knew what I had in it and I don’t regret for a minute getting rid of it. Yes, I only use my freezer under my fridge. It can hold my frozen good for a two-week menu. That is all I need.

You would never know I am in the process of cooking dinner. I love having my kitchen this tidy. It works for me, it is not for everyone.

Spark of Joy

This arrived for me one day in the middle of the kitchen process. Total surprise for me. My father in law’s fiance made it and I remarked that I would love for her to make me one. She sent me the one I remarked about. This sparks joy for me. This was God showing me that if you clear the clutter you can make room for the things that spark joy for you in our life.  Random acts of kindness are the best.

We will pick up again in this process tomorrow.

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