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Pet Help

Did you know that in an emergency with your pet time is not on your side?

Most owners panic and loose precious ti.e searching for information. What if I told you that you can create an arsenal of Emergency information in your smartphone?

Want to know how?

Put your pet in as a contact in your phone and list the following:

  • Regular Vet phone number
  • Nearest emergency Vet
  • Pet poison hotline – ASPCA Poison Control 24-hour hotline 888.426.4435 or the website
  • Your dog’s microchip #
  • Microchip company hotline
  • Emergency pet buddy contact information (trusted friend)

As a dog Walker I have a contact for each of my clients with their information in it, including their microchip #. This is important if a dog ever get away from me or something happens to the dog.

Also have a GPS Vet locator app and a Pet First Aid app.

I use Vet Finder. As a dog Walker I am in a different area every 45 minutes.

I also use Pet First Aid when if I need specific information and instructions.

ASPCA also has a poison app that helps if your dog eats human food that is toxic to them.

Please consider these helpful tips if you are a dog owner.

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