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Chronic Badass

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, which is an autoimmune disease that has no cure. I have previously posted on what it is like to live with this disease. When I am not in remission it is like having the flu everyday, what a miserable disease. Even though I could get 10 hours of sleep I still feel tired. I can’t get enough sleep which hurts my productivity later in the day. Abdominal pain, it almost seems like it never goes away and if it does go away, usually comes back a day later. Food Intolerance, food I used to love, I can’t eat anymore. I have to watch everything I eat to make sure there are no ingredients that might trigger something. I also find yourself feeling depressed about your situation.


I love P!nk, she is strong and inspiring to me. She is fierce and she doesn’t back down. When I got depressed back in November I made a revelation that I needed to look like a Badass, feel like a Badass, but not act like a Badass. I needed a change in my life that would make me look at myself a see confidence in my look. Now I have tattoos and a dath piercing and those help but I needed something drastic and something that packed a POW!

Yeah, I needed a hair cut and some color. I asked the husband if he would mind me going this short. His answer was “it is just hair”, that is his answer to most my hair questions. But when I asked if I could do P!nk’s hair cut, it was a no, so I settled for this.

It was great and we added some pink to the tips on the side. I loved it.

This lasted a few weeks, then I asked him again about P!nk’s haircut and if I could get it. Well, I kind of tricked him into letting me get the haircut. I asked him if he liked this……..

He said “yes” and that I could do it. He didn’t look carefully at the picture. I told him the color was not what I was going for, but the style. He gave in and I got the haircut I wanted.

I was totally rocking the look! I love the cut but the color needed to be amped up! So, today I went and got a trim and a color that I am in total love with! ROSE GOLD!

I love it so much that I think that I will keep getting this color for the unforseeable future. I need to look this a Badass, just not act like one. This cut and color totally helps me meet my goal. I feel empowered and like I can take on the world. This helps me get through my day and at least try to be productive.

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