Faith, Flour, & Sawdust

Simple rooms

Master Bathroom

It took a big event in my life to get an en-suite. I am still making it my oasis, but that will require a reciprocating saw, tile, and adding my space to the room. But I needed to clean out the cabinet and make it work for now.

It is simple and clean and I love it. Yes, I cut and made the lower half of the wall. When we expand the toilet and sink will move to a new place.

I don’t wear makeup like EVER. Why do I have all this? I would rather borrow something from my daughter than let this take up space.

This was my joyful pile for the bathroom. But looking at it now I am not sure why the bath salts are in my joy pile, I don’t take baths.

Living Room

Living rooms are made to be lived in and this, next to my kitchen is the heart of my home. I try to keep it warm and inviting but no to cluttered and with the stuff we use in this room. The pictures above the couch have grown and look better now.

Yep, I love this space. This is a joy sparker. The coffee table had to move due to the fact that our 4th dog needs the space, she is huge.

This area continues into my living room. I have a split foyer and the kitchen, living room, and eating area is an open concept. The picture is old, that pony wall (I built) is no longer there. I have to keep my kitchen clean now or everyone who walks in sees the mess.

This pretty much ends my process of KonMari. I have never looked back on the things I let go of. I really haven’t missed it either. If it is locked away in a place you can’t reach it, do you really need it? It is not the items that hold the memories but it you that holds the memories. Take pictures to remember the memory the item contained, put together one of those books from Shutterfly. But learn to let go and process. You will really be happier. I have found that without the clutter, I can talk better with my family and God. I have that time to connect with God that I would have spent decluttering or moving clutter. Once the clutter is gone out of your house, your mind opens up.

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