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You have probably seen this on Facebook. uBiome ( helps you understand what 100 trillion bacteria are trying to tell you. According to the website ……… With SmartGut, you and your doctor can gain valuable insights to better understand what’s going on inside your gut, then take steps for you to feel better. Using precision… Read More Ubiome

Faith, Faith, Flour, & Sawdust

My pain with UC

Managed? What does it mean to accept living with chronic pain? And forever? How do people do that? Should they? How could someone have the audacity to label me as “a hopeless case” and define my future, my life? Did this mean relinquishing hope of getting better? Did it mean I needed to stop trying? I… Read More My pain with UC

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Dear body……

Dear broken body, Thank you, you always find a way to send a reminder that you are still there. You have a tendency to remind me daily of what constant pain feels like. You remind me that my guts are defective. But, you remind me that no matter what, you are working hard to stay… Read More Dear body……

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Side effect or symptom or flu

Trip by ambulance to ER Yesterday I woke up not feeling well, but this was different something was off. I had developed a small cough two days earlier. Yesterday it was a full-fledged cough causing me not to be able to breathe. When I started turning blue around the lips I called 9-1-1. The fire truck was… Read More Side effect or symptom or flu

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I sell Young Living Essential Oils. It is not something I go around advertising or try to shove into people’s faces. Either you are open to essential oils or you are not. I can give you samples but I can’t force you to try them. That is my feelings on the matter. I will talk… Read More Agilease

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Who I Am……..

Chronic Pain I live with an autoimmune disease, a circulatory disease, and chronic pain. I am learning to not let them define who I am, but it is hard some days. It is hard and it sucks but maybe it is time to figure out how to live my life sick and try to be… Read More Who I Am……..

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Hat Day

Good days I have a pretty cool haircut. It is short and really easy to take care of. Styling does need some product and a bit of time, 5 to 10 minutes. I have the haircut to allow me and make me feel like a badass. Hat days Some days are hat days, this is… Read More Hat Day

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I choose to live

Pains and Exhaustion I am living with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic illness that plagues my life with stomach pains, exhaustion, strict diets, and urgent trips to the bathroom. Each day is a new struggle, and every activity is a constant reminder of the pain I endure. When life is this tough, it’s easy to let UC and its… Read More I choose to live

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Rock the look

Chronic Badass I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, which is an autoimmune disease that has no cure. I have previously posted on what it is like to live with this disease. When I am not in remission it is like having the flu everyday, what a miserable disease. Even though I could get 10 hours of sleep… Read More Rock the look

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Joy and Spoonies

I got guts Too bad I have bad guts, but I have them none the less. Maybe the hardest part of this disease, is that no one wants to talk about it. The subject of one’s poop has been taboo for so many years that it’s embarrassing to talk about. I am a pretty transparent… Read More Joy and Spoonies