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Pet Help

Did you know that in an emergency with your pet time is not on your side? Most owners panic and loose precious ti.e searching for information. What if I told you that you can create an arsenal of Emergency information in your smartphone? Want to know how? Put your pet in as a contact in… Read More Pet Help

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Doggie it’s cold outside

Is it cold where you are? Last weekend we had a major snowstorm come through our area. Dumping more than a foot if snow on us. Tuesday we were under and Winter Weather Advisory for freezing rain. This weekend we are expected to get another major dose of snow. Whether it’s icy outside now, or… Read More Doggie it’s cold outside

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Keep your dog safe tonight

New Year’s Eve is here, like today. That means champagne, parties, and depending on where you live….loud fireworks that can scare and freak your dog out. Your dog may experience added anxiety if you’ve left for a party and they’re home alone. Here are some tips to make it easier for both of you. Make… Read More Keep your dog safe tonight

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Feeling of failure

I feel like such a failure at everything I try. I become so sure that I can make something work. At first I work really hard and I sit back and wait for results and get nothing. I will paddle my own canoe, even if it is just a box on my kitchen floor. I’m… Read More Feeling of failure

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Have you met Calise?

3.5 dogs Over the last 20 years, we have owned several dogs. Our first dog as a married couple was a beautiful Rottweiler named Cleopatra. We added Bailey, a chocolate lab mix. Next was Joe our Boston Terrier. Then along came the Beabulls (beagle/bulldog mix) Winston Churchill and Westminster Abbey. The 0.5 dog was next,… Read More Have you met Calise?

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Hello My People

Welcome to Faith, Flour, & Sawdust. I want to start out by telling you how much we appreciate your willingness to discover more about my blog. Your heart to be open and learn and create makes my job easier as a blogger. That means more to me than you will ever know. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank You.… Read More Hello My People