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Wingardium Leviosa

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Christmas means Harry Potter Marathon

Every year at Christmas time my two youngest and I settle in for two days and watch all the Harry Potter movies. My youngest son loves Harry Potter and has read the books three times. That is dedication! My dad made when a wooden wand years ago and it still sits in his room and gets used. But I thought why not make our own wand? Where did I go to find help? The only place to go! Pinterest! 100_1511 Not so hard! I am crafty, he is crafty, but do we have chopsticks? Yes, these wands are made out of chopsticks. 100_1509 Laid out craft paper so we didn’t ruin my kitchen table. I recommend this or cardboard because hot glue gets messy. 100_1510 You create the texture with hot glue. The glorious part of this is if you mess up, you can take it off and go again. 100_1512 100_1513 100_1514 100_1515 Here are a few of the ones I made. 100_1516 After this, I put a brown base coat on them and I have let them dry for a day. Once it is dry you paint them with acrylic paint, any color you want. Don’t forget to follow me and subscribe to my email for updates.