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With love, Ann

Have you met Ann?

Personally, I have not met Ann. I would love to meet Ann one day. It is actually Ann’s human mom you want to know.

Ann’s Story

Humans like knowing where other humans came from and what their story is, so I wanted to tell you about Ann. Before Ann came to live with her furever family, she lived someplace else. Ann doesn’t know where it was but she does remember some snow. Anyway, Ann’s old human seemed to not care about her anymore when some new puppies came to live with them. Ann didn’t get enough to eat so she remembers being hungry all the time. Ann just wanted someone to love her and pet her. Then one day a really nice woman came to get Ann. She didn’t know what a best friend is, but her human says this is who came to get her. So, thanks best friend! She gave Ann a bath when they got to her house and she gave Ann sooo many pets. Also food, the food was good. After a few days, Ann went to her new human’s house to make sure they would be good together, and they were! Ann got to stay with her new humans and she always gets pets now. They pet Ann with their eating paws and when they sit down, they pet Ann with their floor paws. They give Ann so much love and she always gets food and treats. Ann loves her humans and that’s her story. #withloveann

Ann’s human mom makes these delicious homemade healthy treats for dogs. This is one of my 4 dogs, Winston. I think he loves the treats the most. My dogs love these treats. We keep ours in the freezer and give them one every couple of days. Ann’s mom loves being able to make custom treats to fit every pup’s dietary needs. And I love the love price! Under $10 for a bag of treats.

The treats are made with real food ingredients…nothing that you can’t pronounce. Unless your dog has an allergy and needs custom-made treats (that’s a thing we do!) the treats are made with fresh ground oat flour, peanut butter with no artificial sweeteners, bananas, organic coconut oil, and eggs. Because they don’t use preservatives you may wanna store your treats in the refrigerator as the weather gets warmer and more humid, or you will notice that they mold. Just a little PSA from me to you.

With Love, Ann
Have a blessed day, love the ones you are with, and remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow but we are guaranteed coffee today.